2019 Schedule 

LTTP is scheduled correctly on the training schedule page.

Enrollment is limited to six students, due to the intensive, hands-on nature of the course.


Cost:  $250.00

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango CO

Duration:  One full day (lunch or snacks are on you)

Suggested Donation for class prep, range materials:  $200.00

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango CO

Duration:  One Day


Prerequisites:  A Concealed Handgun Permit or trainer issued certificate of training


 This class is intended to introduce the new or untrained carbine owner to his firearm, its uses, functioning, maintenance, care and cleaning.  We wish all to be good, competent and safe users of their firearms. 

This course was developed in order to give students the knowledge to apply carbine/rifle fundamentals properly in any situation. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter this course will make you more efficient with your carbine/rifle. We will only be on our bellies to confirm zero. The rest will be moving and incorporating alternate shooting positions. At the end of this course you will be able to shoot and move while effectively engaging your desired target.

Level One concentrates on perfect practice and the training of the mind.  This is to say that all movements and techniques are pursued in very slow motion.  This allows the mind to process each nervous impulse needed to complete the movement/technique to perfection.  Toward the end of the day the pace may pick up depending on the increasing perfection of the student in performing the technique or movement.

Level Two will take the skills developed here in Level One to the perfected and much faster performance you desire.  In the meantime, the slow practice will produce/provide the faster execution as needed, even before Level Two physical and mental training.

Elements of Instruction:

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Equipment selection
  • Combat Mindset
  • Speed, Tactical and Emergency reloads
  • Weapons malfunction drills
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Speed and accuracy drills
  • Proper movement techniques 

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle (M4 or AK preferred)
  • Optic and iron sights (insruction begins with iron sights)
  • 300 RIFLE ROUNDS, no green tip or armor piercing
  • 3 or more magazines (equiv to 30 round mags)
  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)/Eye protection
  • Two point tactical sling
  • Magazine pouch that will retain equipment when moving
  • Water storage device (camelback, Nalgene etc)
  • Clothing must be able to perform during strenuous physical activity. We will be training in all weather conditions so pack accordingly.
  • Weapon lube and maintenance tools
  • Food
  • Any personal items or meds as required.
  • Optional/Recommended
    Knee pads