Physical Security Services, Consultation, and Training

Physical Security Services are provided by Animas Security, LLC, the parent company to Wolverine School of Personal Safety and Red Dawn Range.

Security Consultation

Consultation is the first step is providing intelligent security for any entity.

The consultant, in conjunction with the client, develops the threat.  That is to say certain assumptions are made, local, state and national trends are noted emphasizing the local, and conclusions are drawn defining the threat.

Assumptions become important because not every threat can be defended.  E.g., in New York, there was (and is) no defense against aircraft.  The responsible security personnel therefore assumed away the very real threat from misguided (actually) aircraft.

From all this comes the threat assessment and the deriving of countermeasures.  

It is these countermeasures that become the security plan.

Security Services

Animas Security, LLC, provides security personnel with or without arms but always with appropriate skills for the threat/security plan.  These dedicated men and women are trained either by Animas Security or their previous employer (police, Sheriff's Office, or perhaps the military.  In any case the officer is tuned to the current employment's unique needs.

Security Training 

Firearms training for security personnel, and other citizens (school staff?) is first quality.  Instructor personnel are drawn from many walks of life and the training is tailored to the exact need.

Empty hand and other less lethal methods of arrest control or personal defense are available.

Training on specific equipment, e.g., magnetometers, bag scanning machines, and the like is available according to the need. 

School Security

Always problematic, school security is no less important now than ever.  The societal changes, the absolute lack of a safe haven for the disturbed student or 60-year-old Las Vegas shooter leave such individuals to their own devices.  When such include firearms or weapons of mass destruction the resulting atrocity can reach unbearable heights.

This is the pool in which security swims, often against the current, just as the character in Jaws found himself struggling with competing aims (tourism v. tourist safety).

The societal changes are automatically assumed away.  That is the business of parents, pastors, peers, vicissitudes (life's) and so forth.

The measures left are mechanical, mimicking airport security, among other deterrents/prevention/countermeasures.

Church Security

Problematic as well but perhaps easier to remedy as the "voters" are more autonomous than school boards.  And because the most vulnerable times are restricted to usually one day per week.