2019 Schedule:  ATP  class dates and start times per the Training Schedule


Suggested Fee for class prep, range maintenance:  $175.00

Location:  Durango, Colorado

Duration:  From start until you are satisfied with your improvement, or 200 Rounds fired

PREREQUISITES:  Good Attitude (we will provide the safe gun handling parctices as required)


The class is designed to correct the inaccurate bullet strikes of low left, low right, horizontal and vetical stringing of fired groups; demystify the confusion of vision caused by both-eyes-open sighting;  determine your dominant eye; introduce the vestibular sighting system you already possess; to enable the rapid acquisition and retention of the front sight for initial sighting and rapid follow-on shots; practice controlled pairs of rapid shots; the double tap; find the front sight prior to sight picture; several drills that you can use on your own range time; practice or learn the Right Angle Draw Stroke and how these principles apply to any on or off body carry of your pistol; techniques for resolving your death and avoiding those thoughts that can paralize the shooter in a crisis.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the course fee of $175.00, mailed to PO Box 3956 Durango, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course. Please make your check payable to E.T. Gwynn.  Should you subsequently decide not to participate, a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes.  Cash payments must be arranged in advance.  Do not hesitate to ask about late registration.

Late registrations/payments MUST be arranged in advance---If your attendance is not nailed down the instructors may not be there!!!


When you contact Tim you will be forwarded the Student Letter for the particular course in which you are interested.

Range operations occur at Red Dawn Range. Directions will be provided.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Your Handgun - - we have several for loan if needed.  Guidance on Handgun selection is available
  • 200 hundred rounds of Your ammunition - - inexpensive ammo in the correct caliber for your firearm.  Guidance on practice ammo is available (brng more, shoot more)
  • A holster approximating what you use on the street
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Dress for the Weather and expect the Worst
  • Sunscreen, Bug Juice for noseeums
  • Lunchor snacks are on you and welcome on the range


Your reward is a well earned ability to aim and fire your handgun in a controlled manner, from the high ready or holstered carry position, and confidence in your competence.

For immediate questions please contact Tim at or call at 970-749-3296.