Three Gun: Intro and Advanced Instruction in Three Gun Competition


2019 Schedule:

Introduction to Three Gun Competition                   July 21          

Advanced Instruction in Three Gun Competition    July 22          9:00AM

LOCATION: Red Dawn Range Durango CO 

Suggested Donation (class prep/supplies, range maintenance: $150.00/each class by itself
                 $250.00 when both are signed up in advance

Duration:  Each Class is a Full Day

  Student Comments from the June 9th, 2012, Class:

"A great intro to 3 gun"  "Distance shoot (carbine) was very instructive" 
"Needs more transition drills (gun-to-gun)"  "Needs more live fire stage runs" 
"Long range carbine target (220 yards) was very beneficial" 
"We need an advanced course"  "More reloading drills"  "More complete stage run throughs"


Three Gun matches are held year round at a range in Cortez and in other venues nationwide.  Consequently this course is applicable no matter when it is held.  One of the founders of the sport lived in Durango until his passing recently.

Three Gun Competition is an exciting and new sport in the shooting arena.  Not only does it provide an opportunity to share and improve your gun handling skills with your fellow competitors, it provides that  stress inoculation so important to operating fluidly and safely in any stressful situation.  The business of manipulating three different firearms against a timer and others who are determined to best the rest will teach the greater confidence required in any situation.  You will see the importance of “seeing” the situation and devising the best way through it, a skill that will prove its worth in all phases of your daily routine.

The Introduction is a full day on equipment, including the latest American Way improvements to gear.
There are multiple rounds of each firearm expended in settling your gear or "dummy proofing" it.  More rounds are to be expended in practical exercises, all at the basic level.

In this basic class we will learn the rules and equipment used to compete in this fast-paced and challenging game.

You will learn and practice basic multi-gun shooting and transitions between firearms, using a Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.

We will set up various shooting scenarios, called stages, shoot those stages, score and reset them for another run through.  This practical and hands-on repetition combined with the theoretical insights to be gained will prepare you for your first or fifty-first match.

The Advanced Training day takes the previous day's training and brings it to a "Match" level.  Each student will experience the thrill of "doping" the stage to be run, followed by a "hotwash" to determine alternatives paths to the stage.


You are enrolled on receipt of the suggested donation of $150.00 or $250.00 for both days.  Your check should be made payable to E T Gwynn and mailed to PO Box 3956.  Durango, CO 81302.  Should you subsequently choose to not participate a refund or 20% of the donation will be returned to you.  Or it may be applied to another Wolverine Course.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily life and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable scheduling conflicts to ensure that your connection the School is useful.

Tim will send you the Student Letter for the class when you contact him. 


Mike Thornton is a certified NRA Instructor and a Wolverine School of Personal Safety trusted agent.  Mike has devoted a large amount of time to the sport.  His drive and interest in making things better, more efficient and passing his lessons along to others is exemplified by time he invested in becoming NRA-certified and PPCT Arrest Control Certified to add considerably to his already formidable ability to teach.  

This same devotion to excellence creates a very experienced and knowledgeable competitor in the sport of Three Gun Competition and your instructor.

Equipment Requirements:

  •  Introduction:
  • A pistol with at least 2 magazines
  • Holster with adjustable friction
  • Magazine pouch(es)
  • A semi-automatic rifle with at least 2 magazines, magazine pouch(es)
  • A  pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun and a means of carrying ammunition
  • Ammunition in the amounts of:
  • 60 rifle rounds
  • 50 pistol rounds
  • 25 shotgun rounds ( # 8 shot)
  • Advanced:
  • Same as above with
  • Rifle Rounds (to be determined)
  • Pistol Rounds (TBD)
  • Shot gun rounds (TBD)

Dress for the Weather and plan for the worst.
That inlcudes sunscreen and bug juice as appropriate.


For immediate questions please contact Tim at or 970-749-3296.