Tim Gwynn

Tim Gwynn is a by-now-long retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  A true warm weather soldier, his time was spent overseas in regions that had South in their geographical descriptions. Unconventional Warare (guerilla warfare), Counter Insurgency and Foreign Internal Defense (the "nation-building" counterpart to the insurgency activities) were the areas of concentration.  The primary U.S. Army Special Forces missions concentrate in the two, with several areas of expertise in addition.  These mission areas are dependent on the ability to train individuals to operate as maneuver elements of an ever growing army of locals.

The emphasis on training local forces, often barefoot, sometimes clad in loincloths, with no ability to read, write or employ numbers, required special people.  Mature (older), settled (often and sometimes oft married), steeped in military tradition and their personal occupational specialities, with a facility for languages and a propensity for winning made these Non-Commissioned Officers truly special.  Officers such as I were left with hanging onto their fast moving train and making sure nosy superiors didn't upset the apple cart.  And here we are!

Instructor Augmentation

Occaisionally, we are blessed with Instructor Personnel with specific expertise in a subject.  Examples include the Long Range Rifle instructor, the Three Gun Instructor and others.  Future such talent will come from areas pertinent to the type instruction offered.