AR-15 Armorer's Course ________________________________________________________________________________

2018 Schedule:  AR-15

This class determined by student interest.  There must be at least 22 students committed to attend.  Propsective students are encouraged to conact Tim at 970-749-3296.  With sufficient linterest Tim can begin recruiting others, and organize the instruction.

Due to required lead times for instructor scheduling, your Registration Fee must be received no later than three weeks prior to the class.


Cost:  $325.00   This includes the class tuition and the $35.00 fee for the tools and book. 

As well, Ned brings his chamber guages and reamer and can/will instantly determine whether the chamber in your rifle is .223 or 5.56mm and adjust it to 5.56mm, instantly, if you wish it so.

AR 10s while not specifically addressed are similar and the instructor will address specific questions about the firearm, making the sessions useful to the AR 10 owner.

Minimum Students is 22 and early registration is crucial to the endeavor.  Maximum is 40 due to classroom size and our ability to attend to individuals.

Location:  Durango, Colorado                         

Duration:  Two Days                                           


Ned Christiansen

Ned is a nationally, and locally, known and highly respected gunsmith.  His innovations with the 1911 have produced a five-year waiting list for work.  His work and workshops with the AR-15 are well attended and hugely appreciated by all.  Ned’s AR-15 Armorer class has been hosted by Detroit-area SWAT teams, the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy, and the Illinois Tactical Officers Association, to name a few.  He is an instructor / armorer with an Illinois state-funded police training organization. 

This two-day class has also been hosted by Wolverine School and Red Dawn Range as recently as last year.  Attendees who were well experienced with the AR system were awed by the presentation and the amount of material that was new to them.  There are many who are anxious to repeat the class.

Ned began his machining career at age six, literally at his dad's knee.  He has used the AR15 in various kinds of competition and hunting for over 30 years, and has over a decade's experience with the system in the Patrol Rifle /Police context. As an instructor / armorer with an Illinois state-funded police training organization (, he has gained valuable knowledge of the system's strengths and weaknesses, how the system is used and viewed by law enforcement, and how to pass the knowledge on to those who need it. 

Ned uses photos, videos and high-speed videos, animations, cutaways, and discussion to demystify the system. The operating system, bolt group, and trigger group will all be covered and disassembled by students. Barrel and buffer tube change will be explained and demonstrated on a sample gun. With the exception of these two areas, students will be completely disassembling and reassembling their own rifles multiple times. The most common problems, breakages, wear points, and manufacturing deficiencies will be covered in depth. Little to no time will be spent on non-critical areas such as history, dust covers, and rear sights. The time will be used to make sure students are familiar and comfortable with the things that really matter. Ned’s AR15 tools will be available for purchase, BUT, all students will be welcome to use Ned’s personal tools while in class so buying them won’t be necessary.  

Accessories, ammo selection, and ballistics will be touched upon according to interest and as time allows.

The Class will be held at the La Plata County Fair Grounds Extension Building.  Class will be from 8AM to 5PM with a 45-minute to 1-hour lunch break.  Students are welcome to use the classroom for take-in.

Students will be provided with hand-punch of Ned's design and a 3/16 Allen wrench, and a copy of Patrick Sweeney's book, Gunsmithing the AR15. This will be the class book. AR15 Students will need to bring just a few things:

  1. AR15 (gas operated systems preferred)
  2. Safety Glasses
  3. A towel or other working surface to protect the host's tables
  4. A flat head screwdriver

See Ned at   contact Tim at 970-749-3296 or