Red Dawn Range Defensive Carbine (Beginner)

2017 Schedule:  RDR DC

To be determined          

Enrollment limit for the Basic Defensive Carbine Course is 6 students, due to the intensive, hands-on nature of the course.

Cost:  $175.00 suggested donation for range maintenance and class materials

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango CO

Duration:   8 Plus Hours Range time


Beginner Carbine

This course was developed in order to give students the knowledge to apply carbine/rifle fundamentals properly in any situation. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter this course will make you more efficient with your carbine/rifle. We will only be on our bellies to confirm zero. The rest will be moving and incorporating alternate shooting positions. At the end of this course you will be able to shoot and move while effectively engaging your desired target.

Instructional Elements:

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Equipment selection
  • Combat Mindset
  • Speed, Tactical and Emergency reloads
  • Weapons malfunction drills
  • Alternate shooting positions
  • Proper movement techniques
  •  Speed and accuracy drill and unconventional shooting positions
  • Principles of combative shooting
  • Multiple shot delivery techniques
  • Movement techniques
  • Specialized tactical agility skills
  • Concepts of point and precision shooting
  • Shooting within confined spaces
  • Weapon manipulation around vehicles
  • Advanced proficiency drills

This course includes classroom (at the range) and range time learning to shoot and manipulate semi-automatic carbine in real-world based scenarios. Students learn the NRA’s rules for safe gun handling, weapon parts and operation. 

The course begins at zero, literally, and follows the U.S. Army rifle marksmanship program until time is up or until the student fails to improve on the training to date.  Basic instruction includes cleaning and maintenance of the firearm.  Based on performance the student may be asked to engage targets out to 400 yards.

The training is performance-based and the only criteria for success is the student's improvement over what went before.

The rifle should be equipped with iron sights for the initial instruction and may remain so for the duration, or upon demonstration of competence, optical sights may be reinstalled.  Iron sights are appropriate for the entire class.

Carry techniques, slings, firearms choice will be discussed at length. Ammunition, shooting fundamentals, dry-fire training, range rules, standing, kneeling, seated, prone positions, shooting on the move, and continued opportunities for skill development. The student will develop reactionary competence through simulated situations and demanding initiative based drills. Students will receive a course completion certificate.  This course requires 8 Plus hours on the range to complete.

There are no Prerequisites 


Enrollment is upon receipt of the suggested donation of $175.00 mailed to ET Gwynn, PO Box 3956, Durango, CO 81302.  The check should be received by the Monday prior to the course.  Should you subsequently decide to not participate you will be refunded 20% of the fee.  We also understand that life throws curve balls and your unavoidable conflicts will accomodated to the best of our ability.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Carbine (AR 15, AK 37, Ruger Mini 14, etc.)
  • Single or Two Point sling
  • 300 rounds of ball ammo
  • At least three(3) Magazines(20 or 30 rounders, pre-ban)
  • Belt or chest pouches for magazines
  • Eye protection
  • Hearing protection(electronic is a mandatory safety item)
  • Ball cap or other billed cap
  • Clothing appropriate for conditions
  • Knee/elbow pads optional 

Firearm and Ammo Requirements:

The firearm must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications.  A single or two-point sling is required.  Factory ammunition is required, NO reloads. Minimum age is 16 if taking the course unaccompanied. Minimum age is 11 if taking the course with a parent or guardian. The parent MUST have taken this exact course before, work with the child during the entire course, and be responsible for only ONE child. Children age 10 and under are not allowed.

For any questions contact Tim at or call 970-749-3296.