Who is the student for these classes?

The Homeowner who resides in the hinterlands of the 4 Corners and knows that Intruders are already here and the Deputy will be late to the party; Any Citizen wishing to upgrade his tactical proficiency, add to his decision-making ability, and generally improve his ability to respond; Any Law Enforcement Officer who wishes to engage in personal or team training of the first order; Any school teacher or school district, school, or other organization (churches come to mind) who has taken to heart the possibility, no matter how remote, of an active shooter situation ( Active Shooter Defense ).

Wolverine and M.G.A. have prepared a series of firearms classes designed to bring to the student the tactical aspects of the Basic Defensive Pistol and Carbine techniques.  As the student advances through the training he may find that physical conditioning, age, disabilities or handicaps begin to hinder his ability to train.  We fully understand that some of our students are not living the regimented lifestyle conducive to such training.  We are dedicated to taking the student to the highest level of proficiency possible and demonstrating that, regardless of physical issues, that same student can achieve a higher level of competence than he thought.

There will be some entries here that seem redundant but are not.  E.g., the Beginner Tactical Pistol is much more than our Basic Defensive Pistol/CCW.  While any class at Red Dawn Range will qualify you for a CCW Permit, the Tactical Applications Classes will make you the competent, confident decision-maker you really are.

We know this because our collective experience tells us that the more competent and confident the man is in the use of firearms the better decisions he makes.  One needs not ponder the ramifications of better decision-making.

The primary difference between the "vanilla" classes and the Tactical Applications Classes is the flexibility of the presentation and the additional stressors introduced to produce confidence and competence under pressure (the more stress now the less later).  The flexibility, possible due to untold hours developing and teaching these skills, allow the student who readily grasps principles and is able to apply them to, in the same class, advance to higher skills in that class.

Apparent Redundancy in Training

The Classes may seem very redundant on paper.  Each level will incorporate the very same basics while additional “Stressors” will be introduced.  Each class is then a refresher as well as progress.  An Advanced Class is merely mastering the basics

Level One Tactical Carbine 

The Primary Carbine Class was developed in order to give students the knowledge to apply carbine/rifle fundamentals properly in any situation. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced shooter this course will make you more efficient with your carbine/rifle. We will only be on our bellies to confirm zero. The rest will be moving and incorporating alternate shooting positions. At the end of this course you will be able to shoot and move while effectively engaging your desired target.

Intermediate Tactical Carbine  C-2

The Intermediate Carbine course was developed in order to give students the knowledge to apply carbine/rifle fundamentals properly in any situation. During this course students will be taught about the combat mindset. We will also start incorporating more problem solving while shooting and moving, building up to complex scenarios. Students will also work on basic urban and rural movement. Be ready to breathe, roll, run etc.

Advanced Tactical Carbine  C-3

Any class labeled "Advanced" is based on mastering the basics of the subject matter and the required physical aspects.  This class was developed to push advanced students past what is learned in C1 and C2, The fundamentals and weapons manipulation techniques will still be taught but at a much quicker pace. During this course students will be taught in depth on combat mindset. We will work on shooting, moving and communicating in sizes up to 6 man teams.

Beginning Tactical Pistol  P-1

This Course includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  Students learn the NRA rules for safe gun handling, pistol parts and and operation.  Carry techniques, holsters and firearms choice will be discussed at length.  Ammunition, shooting fundamentals, dry-fire training, range rules, one and two handed standing positions, as well as continued opportunities for skill development are also taught.  The student will develop reactionary competence through simulated situation and demanding initiative-based drills.

Intermediate Tactical Pistol  P-2 (intro to the holster)

This pistol class is specifically designed to take the basic CCW Permit holder to the next level of competence.  Because SAFETY is the underlying lesson of the course, Wolverine School will issue the graduate a Certificate of Completion that will qualify as the required CCW renewal class required every ten years by the Colorado Statute.

The course consists of safety instruction, followed by repetitions of the techniques of the Right Angle Draw Stroke: Safely accessing, pulling, rotating, joining (obtaining the two-handed grip), extending and effectively placing shots on target.  This process is designed, using learning models and researched methods of handgun presentation, to create a safe gunhandler in these critical aspects of concealed handgun carry and use.

Since the course introduces the Right Angle Draw Stroke it also provides a stepping stone to Advanced CCW Techniques offered by Wolverine School. 

Advanced Tactical Pistol  P-3  (There will be sweat)

We are now at the gunfighter stage of development.  All the above is now incorporated into the active exercises to make the student a functioning and efficient machine. 

Force on Force Training  

  • Practical application and exercises in Shoot, Don't Shoot
  • Uses simulated firearms (Simunitions, etc., for realism)
  • Pits students against each other to increase stress

Active Shooter Defense

This is a two day concealed handgun class aimed at defense against active shooter scenarios. This class will start at the basics of carry and safe operation of the concealed handgun, and progress to self-defense scenarios. We offer classes in our SW Colorado range complex or remote private classes at your location.

The student here is the invested individual teacher or superintendent/principal, or a large part of the staff of a school or other vulnerable institution.  The esercises are designed to travel, i.e., students can easily take the lessons home to the institution, share them (less firearms instruction) and thus prepare others for appropriate action.