Level One Tactical Pistol

Schedule  2019

As a new class the prototype is to be tested in February with the first offering to occur in March. 


Suggested Donation:  $200.00 for range maintenance and class fees

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango Colorado

Duration:  One Day


Level One Tac Pistol begins with a refresher in Safe Gun Handling:  What it means to “treat every firearm as if it were loaded”, i.e., the Three Rules of Safe Gun Handling.  Training is all on the range concentrating on various scenarios and drills.  The Right-Angle Draw Stroke will be drilled in detail as will the intermediate carry position we call the Hi Ready.  Your carry techniques, holsters, firearms choice will be discussed until you are happy.  Ammunition; shooting fundamentals; dry-fire training; shooting hand and support hand shooting; shooting hand and support hand one-handed reduction of malfunctions and reloading: shooting from standing, kneeling, seated, prone positions; shooting on the move.  There are numerous timed drills designed to place stress on the student and inoculate against future stressful situations.

Level One concentrates on perfect practice and the training of the mind.  This is to say that all movements and techniques are pursued in very slow motion.  This allows the mind to process each nervous impulse needed to complete the movement/technique to perfection.  Toward the end of the day the pace may pick up depending on the increasing perfection of the student in performing the technique or movement.

Level Two will take the skills developed here in Level One to the perfected and much faster performance you desire.  In the meantime, the slow practice will produce/provide the faster execution as needed, even before Level Two physical and mental training.

Students will receive a course completion certificate.  This course requires about 8 hours on the range including discussion to complete.


Student must have taken a Basic Defensive Handgun Course (CCW) from Wolverine School or another reputable instructor.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the course fee of $200.00 mailed to ET Gwynn, PO Box 3956, Durango, CO 81302.  The check should be made payable to ET Gwynn and received by the Monday prior to the course.  Should you subsequently decide to not participate you will be refunded 20% of the fee.  We also understand that life throws curve balls and your unavoidable conflicts will accommodated to the best of our ability.


  • §  400 rounds of ball ammo (same grain bullet weight as your defensive round is recommended)
  • §  Sturdy belt to carry equipment
  • §  Shooting side hip mounted holster (right handed = right hand holster) (uniformity for safety purposes, specific carry options will be discussed and "safed")
  • §  At least three (3) Magazines or speed loaders (the more the better)
  • §  Belt pouches for magazines and carriers for speed loaders
  • §  Eye protection
  • §  Hearing protection (electronic is best)
  • §  Ball cap or other billed cap
  • §  Clothing appropriate for conditions
  • §  Knee/elbow pads optional 
  • §  Lunch or snacks are on you