About the School  

There is something about the outside of a firearm that is
              good for the inside of an American!                 (Apologies to R. Reagan)

Created by Tim Gwynn, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army Special Forces (Retired), the Wolverine School of Personal Safety is intended to provide to private citizens, Law Enforcement Organizations and Officers (and others) the basic, intermediate, and advanced skills for the protection of self, loved ones, and other citizens, in firearms usage, unarmed skills proficiency, and intermediate tools.

The School philosophy is based upon the performance-based-training model and depends on the student's drive to succeed, to be better at the end than at the beginning of instruction.  Any gains in skill levels are counted as successes.  SAFETY is the only formal standard against which a student is measured.  Serious violations of SAFETY standards may result in an early student deparure.

Each class page suggests a donation for class materials and range maintenance.  The student is encouraged to donate accordingly but the Wolverine Mission includes:  Ensuring that anyone desiring to acquire defensive skills will be accommodated.

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Twin Olympic Biathletes Tracy & Lanny Barnes visit with Tim and Duke after a Rimfire Challenge at Red Dawn Range


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