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2019 Schedule:

The scedule is accurately reflected in the Training Schedule.

Single training days reflect a 6 hour weekend training day (plus time for lunch).  Multiple days reflect 2 week nights of 3 hours each.


Suggested Donation:  $200.00 (includes the Key Defender)

Duration:  6 Hours +   (Plus lunch/snack time on site, bring  your own)

Location:  Durango, Colorado    

Comments from 28 January 2016:

"3 two-hour sessions vice 2 two-hour sessions"  This was a special class over two evenings but 6 hours vice 4 would allow for a better experience.  It shall be done

"maybe gloves provided or students recommended to bring"  the keys sometimes rebound onto the hand.

"handouts for specific areas of knowledge"  it shall be done.

Most beneficial training

"repetitions of needed movements to build on brain/muscle interactions"

"practical applications and student-on-student practice"

"awareness and distraction techniques"

Additional Comments

"I feel better prepared to resolve an issue"


Mothers and Daughters, and especially Mothers whose Daughters are headed away from home again (back to school-including high school-or the job) or for the first time.  Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, are rife with new experiences for the unprepared young woman.  Our local college is reported to have the most crime of such institutions in Colorado.  "Rape Whistles" are routinely issued incoming freshman at major educational institutions.  More and more these places to which we entrust our precious cargo are home to coed dorms, lax supervision, and even coed dorm rooms.  Off-campus lodging is equally free from adult supervision.

Professional Women who find themselves away from the office and otherwise exposed on the job (real estate?) without the confidence in their physical defensive skills and perhaps seeking comfort in the idea that it won't happen this time; that level of competence that will allow them to do the job without preoccupying themselves with unnamed distractions; or the woman who finds herself leaving the office, alone, during winter hours of darkness will benefit from this class.  Any woman of any age who has to cross a parking lot, who goes to the larger city to shop, who may find herself in unfamiliar surrounds, will benefit from this class and the Peace of Mind it brings.

Would you not prefer you and your daughters be prepared for such shocks?  Of course you would.


The Key Defender class is meant for women of any age or circumstance who may not choose or be allowed more lethal tools with which to ensure their personal safety. 

We all commonly carry our keys on the way to the car or from the car.  The Key Defender is a simple method for carrying commonly used keys in a manner that creates "triggers and anchors", i.e., it reminds us to  remain aware of our surroundings and take simple and unobtrusive actions to enhance our safety.  The Key Defender then allows you to use your keys as a means of personal protection.  This course was developed to deal with the very serious subject of facing a potentially harmful threat, and the physiological and psychological changes that may occur under those circumstances, and means and methods for dealing with the situation.  While the course entails what some may term vigorous physical exertion there are no physical conditioning requirements.  

Topics covered including the physical actions of self protection are the Four Levels Of Mental Awareness, Dressing for Defense, the Key Defender and its Anchors and Triggers, Sympathetic Nervous System, Observation Exercise, Nerve Motor Points, Fluid Shock Wave Strike, Pressure Point Control Tactics (especially useful in a date rape situation), and Practical Exercises.  Bonus Material: Unarmed Self Defensive techniques, easily learned, practiced, employed.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the suggested donatio of $200.00, payable to E.T. Gwynn and mailed to PO Box 3956, Durango, CO, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course to reserve your seat. Should you subsequently decide not to participate a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes. Cash payments must be arranged in advance.  There is a class size limit (10) and early registration is to your advantage.

You will find a renewed sense of self confidence and personal security that will serve you well in Durango, the big city or the world.


The Class meets from 9:00 AM on the scheduled Saturday, and at 6:00PM on the scheduled week nights.  The class is held at the Durango Gun Club Indoor Range, 590 Florida Rd, Durango unless otherwise indicated.

When you contact Tim you will be forwarded the Student Letter for the particular class.

Equipment Requirements:

You will need bring only yourself, lunch or a snack, and be dressed for the weather. 


A renewed or perhaps simply a new sense of control of yourself and the surroundings in which you find yourself.

 For immediate questions contact or at 970-749-3296.