Force on Force (Shoot/No Shoot)
2019 Schedule

Training Schedule contains the correct class dates


Suggested Donation:  $200.00

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango, Colorado, 

Duration:  1 Day


Force on Force (Shoot/No Shoot) complements any Defensive Pistol Course you may have taken and a desire on your part to make better decisions with or without firearms at hand (Yes Martha, there are lethal bare-hand techniques which require the same thought processes prior to usage).  It is scenario-based training and following each scenario is a "hot wash" wherein the student discusses what he may have done differently, including instructor and other student input.

This course was developed using available subject matter expertise in the use of deadly force, to assist in decision making amid the physiological and psychological changes one encounters when faced with a deadly threat.

When the student works through a scenario and the mistakes made in it, especially given the consequences are an Air Soft Pellet in the protective gear (low consequence), the chances that the same scenario replayed will exhibit a HUGE increase in confidence going in which is followed by an increase in competence.  The "hot wash" provides the information with which improve performance.  

While the experience informs the student's tactics, it more importantly promotes a great reduction in stress and the ability to remain calm while the cworld around you is coming undone.

This class could have been called “The Clear-Thinking Class”.  There are no physical conditioning requirements for this course.  Your physical participation in the class, using the proper safety equipment, will enhance the learning process.

The day's training will prepare you for those unexpected (though anticipated) incidents of life in America (much safer than life in second and third world nations).  For you, regardless of experience and perhaps prior training deprivation, these situations, the discussion that accompanies, and the insights of the instructor and your classmates will prepare you for similar situations in your daily routine.  Because we learn the way we do, these scenarios will remain with you as will the possible solutions.

The training medium is the Air Soft platform in pistol configuration.  Air Soft is a BB gun by another name and uses plastic BBs as stress enhancers and indicators of the effect stress has on performance.  E.g., when the heartrate goes from resting to maximum for your age and condition, you will find it difficult to impossible to dial 911, IF you have not PRACTICED it.  Such is the effect of survival stress on the human mind and body.  Air Soft training can overcome such training deficiencies.

There is a live fire component as we will work on shooting accurately.  You will need your carry pistol, a holster for shooting side hip carry and 100 rounds of practice ammunition. 

The training uses a number of scenarios in which students and staff are good guys and then bad guys.  These scenarios are drawn from real world situations as reported in their aftermath.  As these circumstances are imprinted on the mind in the preparation for execution, they become embedded in the long term memory to be called up in a similar situation.

These same situations will suggest to you training scenarios to use as you seek to further prepare yourself to use deadly force, OR NOT, as you arm yourself with an instrument of deadly capacity.

Whether you choose to go physically armed or unarmed, this exposure will better prepare you to avoid those people, places, and things that may pose a deadly threat to you and/or your loved ones.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the course fee of $200.00, mailed to PO Box 3956 Durango, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course. Please make your check payable to E.T. Gwynn.  Should you subsequently decide not to participate a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes.  Cash payments must be arranged in advance.

Late registrations/payments MUST be arranged in advance---If your attendance is not nailed down the instructors may not be there!!!


Classes meet per the training schedule for Red Dawn Rangefrom 9:00AM until complete. Directions will be provided.  When you contact Tim you will be provided the Student Letter which include the specific date and time for that class.


A heavier (perhaps) than usual long sleeve shirt (sweat shirt), light gloves, eye protection.

Airsoft guns, BBs, head and neck protection will be provided for your training pleasure.

Your pistol, strong side hip mounted holster and 100 rounds of practice ammunition.


Your reward for attending this course is a comprehensive understanding of possible dangers and the thought processes that may be employed before, during and after finding yourself in a similar situation. You will also receive a Wolverine School Certificate to remind you of the course and those solutions.
For immediate questions contact Tim at