CCW Using the Holster

2019 Schedule:  CCW UTH

Classes are held on the days indicated on the Training Schedule.  Training begins at 9:00AM.


Suggested Donation:  $125.00 for class materials and range maintenance

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Durango, CO

Duration:  4 Hours


Student Comments: 


PreRequisites:  A CCW Permit or Certification qualifying you for a Permit


The CCW Using the Holster Course is specifically designed to take the basic CCW Permit holder to the next level of competence at a reduced level of time, money and ammo.  Because SAFETY is the underlying lesson of the course, Wolverine School will issue the graduate a Certificate of Completion that will qualify as the required CCW renewal class required every ten years by the Colorado Statute.

The course consists of safety instruction, followed by repetitions of the techniques of the Right Angle Draw Stroke: Safely accessing, pulling, rotating, joining (obtaining the two-handed grip), extending and effectively placing shots on target.  For new students the introduction of the Hi Ready position further prepares the student to efficiently and safely use his firearm in self-defense.  The Holster class is designed, using learning models and researched methods of handgun presentation, to create a safe gunhandler in these critical aspects of concealed handgun carry and use.  As always our criteria is seeing that you are better when you leave than when you arrived.

Since the course introduces the Right Angle Draw Stroke it also provides a stepping stone to Advanced CCW Techniques offered by Wolverine School. 

Wolverine are also offering Tactical Pistol classes which include a Level One and Level Two Tactical Pistol Class.  A reasonable progression would be from the Basic Pistol/CCW Class to either the CCW Using the Holster and/or the Level One Tactical Pistol Class and so on.  There is an intensively hands on Force-on-Force/Shoot-No Shoot class for a greater practical experience in armed confrontations.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the suggested donation of $125.00, mailed to PO Box 3956 Durango, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course. Please make your check payable to E.T. Gwynn.  Should you subsequently decide not to participate a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes.  Cash payments must be arranged in advance.

Late registrations/payments MUST be arranged in advance---If your attendance is not nailed down the instructors may not be there!!!


The class will be held at Red Dawn Range, directions to which will be provided.  Depending on the time of year the class will begin at either  9:00 or 10;00AM (winter)


  • Your firearm
  • Your carry holster
  • A means of concealment,
  • 100 rounds of ammunition (bring more, shoot more). 
  • EYE and HEARING protection
  • Dress for the weather and allow for the worst

Holsters are restricted to strong side hip only for class safety purposes.  Other carry systems maybe used when on the line alone, and discussion of them is welcomed.  The class is scheduled to last no more than four hours with shooters desiring more time more than welcome. 

Dress for the weather and expect the worst.  Bring snacks or lunch to suit.

Contact Tim at for questions.


You will gain a good grasp of the means of safely drawing and presenting your firearm under stress; you will take away an appreciation for your skill levels including accuracy under some pressure; you will be exposed to new firing drills.

You will find yourself much better prepared for the Advanced Concealed Carry Weapons class offered by Wolverine School.