Shoot – No Shoot Class  

Due to a consistnt lack of interest the class is by demand only.   A minimum of 6 students is required for scheduling  _______________________________________________________________________________

Suggested Donation:  $40.00

Location:  Durango, Colorado

Duration:  3-1/2 Hours


Shoot – No Shoot complements any CCW Course you may have taken or any desire on your part to make better decisions with or without firearms at hand. 

This course was developed using available subject matter expertise in the use of deadly force, to assist in decision making amid the physiological and psychological changes one encounters when faced with a deadly threat. 

This class could have been called “The Clear Thinking Class”.  There are no physical conditioning requirements for this course.  You will actually participate as part of the class to enhance the learning process.

In these three and one half hours we will see, via DVD, numerous plausible, and dynamic situations in which an individual is required to decide whether deadly force is appropriate or not.  For you, regardless of experience and perhaps training deprived, these situations, the discussion that accompanies, and the insights of the instructor and your classmates will prepare you for similar situations in your daily routine.  Because we learn the way we do, these scenarios will remain with you as will the possible solutions.

These same situations will suggest to you training scenarios to use as you seek to further prepare yourself to use deadly force, or not, as you arm yourself with an instrument of deadly capacity.

Whether you choose to go armed or not, this exposure will better prepare you to avoid those people, places, and things that may pose a deadly threat to you and/or your loved ones.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the course fee of $40.00, mailed to PO Box 3956 Durango, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course. Please make your check payable to E.T. Gwynn.  Should you subsequently decide not to participate a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  We fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes.  Cash payments must be arranged in advance.


Classes  meet on a week night, from 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM. The class will be held at the Durango Gun Club "Tom Price Indoor Range" located at 590 Florida Road next to Chapman Hill.  When you contact Tim you will be provided the Student Letter which include the specific date and time for that class.



Your reward for attending this course is a comprehensive understanding of possible dangers and the thought processes that may be employed before, during and after finding yourself in a similar situation. You will also receive a Wolverine School Certificate to remind you of the course and those solutions.
For immediate questions contact Tim at