Women's Classes ________________________________________________________________________________

We have only two,  the Ladies Pistol/CCW, and the Key Defender.   The instruction in the Pistol/CCW  class is oriented to women who may be reluctant to undertake firearms learning in the company of the opposite sex.

As well, the Key Defender is oriented to the defensive needs of women who choose not to employ firearms as the weapon of choice.

Ladies Day is a general familiarization session for the general public (ladies of course) without husbands, significant others, or butters-in.

Key Defender

Lady's Basic Pistol/CCW

Ladies Day 


Why No Other Classes for Women?

Because we think that learning in a same sex class to avoid the greater stress of a mixed class is counterproductive.  To train under more stress is to function with less stress in an emergency.

The Sympathetic Nervous System responds to Survival Stress in ways as old as time, or at least the time humans have been on earth.  Think of your reaction the last time you were really startled.  Your knees bent (because you cannot move with straight legs), your hands "clawed" (because you do not have claws and you need fists), your hands were raised to defend your head (eyes mostly), and you tried to turn to see what startled you.  That is the SNS in action.

These responses are instinctive and are subconsciously chosen based on any number of factors, all operating at the unthinking level.  Our task is to reduce the influence these instincts have on us under Survival Stress.  Less influence allows more thinking and safety and efficiency in self defense.

This reduction is not accomplished when the instructional environment is "less stressful".  Wolverine's task is not to make the class more stressful any more than it is to make the instruction less so.  What we wish to do is place students in an environment that more properly replicates "normal".  We beleive that we inoculate ourselves against Survival Stress and the Sympathetic Nervous System by training under "normal" conditions.

Normal means training in the company of both women and men.

We take pains to make sure that the only instruction given during class is provided by your instructors and not "others", significant or otherwise.

That is why we have only two Women Only Classes.



Wolverine Staff