Rimfire Challenge
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March 12         April 9             May 14          June 11        July 9        September 10 
9:00AM           9:00AM           9:00AM        9:00AM     9:00AM          9:00AM          



Cost:  ZERO dollars---this day is reserved for 4H Shooting Sports participants and their coaches/parents

Location:  Red Dawn Range 

Duration:  1/2 day on the range



A shooting match competition for all ages.  The Rimfire Challeenge is so called because .22LR caliber firearms are used (without regard for manufacturer).   The match will initially consist of three stages, or mini matches.  They are scored with a shot timer and hits count while misses count against.

The targets will be elevated, static clay pigeons and/or steel rounds.

Both pistols and rifles will be used.  The stages are 5 and 6 rounds each so no magazine changes are required.  Likeways there is no movement required to engage the target arrays.  You can see that a miminal amount of ammunition will be required for the day.  Those wishing to shoot more will certainly be able to do so.

Adults and children of any age (with parents, of course) are welcome.  You will need your own firearm, ammunition and eye and hearing protection.


Limited:  Firearms with iron sights.  Adjustable sights, fiber optics are allowed but no electronic sights.  No compensators, muzzle brakes or barrel weights

Open: Any firearm (pistol, revolver, or rifle) with scopes, optical sights, light gathering scopes, battery powered optics, lasers, compensator or muzzle brake.  : Firearms with iron sights. Adjustable sights, fiber optics are allowed but no electronic sights. No compensators, muzzle breaks or barrel weights.

Cowboy/Cowgirl Class: Single action revolvers and period lever or pump action rifles with iron sights. All competitors in  must wear a cowboy hat in competition.  Class competitors must have two standard single action revolvers loaded with five (5) rounds in each or one higher capacity single action revolver loaded with up to ten (10) rounds and a rifle capable of holding ten (10) rounds. The competitor's second revolver shall be placed on a table in front of him or her.

Manually Operated:  Rifle must be manually operated...bolt action, lever action, slide or pump action and iron sights.  Handgun would a double action revolver.

Special Recognition Classes: There must be five competitors in a special recognition class to award

Top Lady

Top Youth (Age 12 and under)

Top Junior (age 13-18) 

Top Senior (over 62)


Firearms by any manufacturer that meet the division criteria may be used in the Ruger Rimfire events.

All firearms are to safely use .22 Long Rifle ammunition. Any commercially available .22 LR ammunition will be considered suitable for competition.

No full auto firearms are allowed. 

All magazines will be loaded with 10 rounds maximum. Competitors may start with a round in the chamber.

Competitors are responsible to ensure that any and all equipment that they bring to the match is fully in compliance with all laws in the jurisdiction where the match is being held. Competitors are solely and personally responsible for the safety of any and all equipment and ammunition they bring to the match. 

Directions:  Directions will be provided to competitors by email upon the competitor's contacting Tim at etgwynn@gmail.com

We Will Have Fun