2018 Schedule:  CCW FP

To Be Determined 

Suggested Donation:  $150.00 for class materials and range maintenance

Location:  Red Dawn Range

Duration:  6 Hours 

Student Comments: 

Pre-Requisites:  CCWI or other advanced training.
This course is designed to further bridge the gap between the Basic CCW and the Advanced CCW by taking the CCWI/Refresher to another level of training.  More movement, more reloads under pressure, more malfunction remedies under more pressure, and a visit to the Pamela Montana Memorial Shoot House.

These additional emphases will refresh your safe holster skills, or perhaps introduce you to them, if needed.  Students will require refreshing prior to adding movement and this will provide time and instruction for those who require it.

The Right Angle Draw Stroke, use of the High Compressed Ready position, will add to the experienced shooters' skills.  Preparation for the Advanced CCW Course will be done in this class.

Additionally, and best, there is a portion of the class dealing with unorthodox firing positions which will introduce youi to the very real world of fighting with a handgun.  Thr first run through will incorporate a laser to simulate the actual firearm to accustom the student to the possibilities of unconventional firing positions with your safety in mind (sweeping your own leg with a laser is infinitely better than with a live round).  Live fire is next at slow speed at least initially.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the suggested donation of $150.00, mailed to E.T> Gwynn, PO Box 3956, Durango, CO 81302, or upon receipt of verbal arrangements for cash or check payment at the class.

We fully understand the changes to personal schedules and will do what we can to accomodate yours.


Class will be held at Red Dawn Range with directions provided as necessary upon email evidence of interest in the class.

Class will begin at 9:00AM.  Snacks or lunch are appropriate with time for them as required.


  • Your firearm of choice (more than one is fine, with enough ammo for your needs)
  • Your carry holster (safety dictates that all students use the strong side hip holster location for the class).  Other styles of carry will be addressed at class and you will be instructed in the safe use of that carry.
  • A concealment garment
  • 200 rounds (total for all firearms)  (Bring more, shoot more)
  • EYE and HEARING protection
  • As Always, dress for the weather and expect the worst