Advanced Concealed Carry Weapons Class           

2017 Schedule:  Advanced CCW

March 25-26          July 29-30         October 21-22
9:00AM                   9:00AM             9:00AM

 Suggested Donation (class prep, range maintenance):  $290.00 

Location:  Red Dawn Range, Colorado, CO

Duration: 2 Days

Comments from October:

"Much improved"

"You guys were great instructors and very encouraging.  The Red Dawn Range is fantastic and I can't wait to return."

PreRequisites:  Either a CCW Permit or a Certificate qualifying you for a Permit


A course of firearms instruction that builds on the Basic CCW instruction at Wolverine and takes the student much farther, providing CCW-qualified students (Permit or otherwise qualified for the Permit) with practical concealed carry instruction including an advanced Course of Fire.  This course was created to add to the skills and mind set already acquired through previous training.  The accuracy drills and extensive drills from the concealed carry condition (holstered with overgarment) will provide the student with a greater ability to use a firearm in self defense.  There are no physical conditioning requirements for this course although the course of fire is demanding, expending a minimum of 600 rounds of ammunition over two days’ range training.

A Maximum of Six Students allows the staff to concentrate on the skills and the efficiency of the student in acquiring them.  As much of the work is from the holster sufficient repetition drills down to the mental conditioning and nerve conditioning needed to produce a safe student.


Enrollment is upon receipt of the donation of $290.00, mailed to PO Box 3956 Durango, 81302, and received by the Monday prior to the course. Please make your check payable to E.T. Gwynn.  Should you subsequently decide not to participate a refund of 20% of the fee will be returned to you.  Otherwise we fully understand the exigencies of daily living and will gladly work with you around your unavoidable schedule changes.  Cash payments must be arranged in advance.

General Scheduling:

Range operations will occur on the Saturday @ 09:00 AM-5:00PM and again on Sunday @ 09:00AM until complete.  This occurs at Red Dawn RAnge, directions will be provided with the Student Letter.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Your Handgun
  • 600 Rounds of ammunition (bring more, shoot more)(we k is a lot of ammo...the bare minimum would be 300 and dry fire for the rest.  Dry fire is a highly valuable activity and while not so much fun will provide unexpected benefits in gun handling and accuracy)
  • As many magazines, speed strips, speed loaders as you have (buy more?-range firing goes smoother)
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Clothing sufficient to the season   Dress for the Weather and expect the Worst
  • Your lunch and/or snacks (ice water will be provided)

Your Reward:

A new or renewed confidence in your ability to protect yourself and those you love in an increasingly uncertain world. 

You will also invaluable insights to drills, sources for drills, targets and techniques that you can use in your own training. 

You will receive a Wolverine School Certificate attesting to your safe gun handling abilities, the facts of the course and the course of fire.

Immediate questions can be answered by consulting the School Schedule or contacting Tim at and/or at 970-749-3296.